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Submission guidelines:

  1. Your contest must be currently active. If you will begin accepting entries on August 1st, for example, do not fill out this form until August 1st.

  2. Please submit the URL to the most informative page on your web site about your contest, but not your official rules page. If you have separate pages on your web site for prize information, official rules, and the entry form, please send me your prize information URL.

  3. A link back to would be appreciated, but is not mandatory unless you are linking to other sweepstakes sites. Linking details are here.

  4. The following details must be clearly present on your web site. An official rules page is best, but if you do not have one, please clearly state on your site, preferably on the same page as your entry form:

    • A short description of all prizes to be awarded
    • How often people may enter your sweepstakes (daily, weekly, once, etc.)
    • The last day entries will be accepted
    • Any age or residency eligibility restrictions
    • Judging criteria (for essay, photo, or video contests)

    If any of this basic information is not clearly spelled out on your web site, your contest or sweepstakes will not be listed.

  5. will not link to sweepstakes that charge a fee or require a purchase for entry. The only exception is for sweepstakes with free alternate methods of entry.

  6. We will not link to the same contest multiple times. In practice, this means we will only link to sweepstakes associated with MLM companies on the corporate web site. For example, please do not send in your personal affiliate link for the Scent-Sations weekly candle drawing. (I am coming close to banning all sweepstakes listings associated with MLM companies. Please don't test me. You know who you are.)

  7. We will only link to one contest at your web site. Please submit only one sweepstakes at your site you feel is your strongest promotion. If you constantly run weekly or monthly sweepstakes, please submit the page where you list all currently-running weekly or monthly sweepstakes at your site.

  8. If was a movie, it would be rated PG-13. If your sweepstakes was made into a movie and would be rated R or X, it will not be listed at this site.

Please don't let these guidelines discourage you from submitting your web site's sweepstakes. The majority of sweepstakes submitted to us are listed within 3 days. Thank you!

There used to be a contest submission form in this space. is currently moving to a new system, and until the move is done our form-to-mail gateway is down. Please email with a link to your sweepstakes if you'd like to have it listed at this website.

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